Facts on Aging

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A paper version of the Facts on Aging Quiz is also available, along with answers and a reference list, divided into (1) general sources and (2) sources used to document data or specific trends discussed in answers to particular questions.

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More Information on the Quiz

There have been a number of versions of quizzes on aging, patterned after Erdman Palmore’s landmark “Facts on Aging Quiz” that appeared in two issues of The Gerontologist (1977; 1981). The initial version developed at UMKC was authored by Linda Breytspraak, Ph.D., Burton Halpert, Ph.D., and Liz Kendall, M.A. The current revision of that initial version was authored by Linda Breytspraak, PhD, and Lynn Badura, B.A., Graduate Certificate in Gerontology.

About half the items in the current quiz are similar or identical to Palmore’s. The other half represent issues that have received more attention since his quiz was developed or were judged by the authors to be of significant interest now. This 2015 revision has all the same questions as the original version with a few small wording changes in several items. The authors have drawn on current research and gerontological and geriatric texts to answer the questions.

The authors of the 2015 version grant permission for anyone to use the Facts on Aging Quiz for educational purposes as long as credit is given using the following citation:

Breytspraak, L. & Badura, L. (2015). Facts on Aging Quiz (revised; based on Palmore (1977; 1981)). Retrieved from https://aging.umkc.edu/quiz/.


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