Undergraduate Minor
Undergraduate Minor Gerontology

Gerontology is the interdisciplinary study of aging.


The Gerontology Minor requires 18 credit hours of coursework as described below:

One 3-credit course from each of the core areas (in any order) (9 credits)

Biological Aging
>> A&S 490B (online course)Special Topics: The Experience of Health in Aging
Psychological Aging
>> Psych 441 (online course)Adult Development and Aging
Aging in a Social Context
>> Soc 410R (online course)Aging in Contemporary Society

Elective Courses (6 credits):

Choice of courses Options for Fall 2015


>> A&S 492Field Practicum in Aging

How to Enroll

To enroll in the undergraduate Minor in Gerontology, first complete the Declaration Form. Complete the top section including signature, and the section relevant to the Minor, at the bottom of the form. Then contact Dr. Joan McDowd, Gerontology Programs Advisor by phone (816-235-2490), or email (mcdowdj@umkc.edu) to set up an advising appointment and obtain a signature before submitting the form.

Student Perspectives

“The knowledge and skills gained in the Gerontology Program coupled with the Bachelor of Arts in Sociology has impacted my ability to serve people –no matter their social orientation, cultural identification or socioeconomic status. Understanding how older adults function in society has helped me to empower and serve others in community building and administration. I appreciate the skills, knowledge and support from faculty in the Program.”

Jordan Brooks, Undergraduate Minor, 2013
(Jordon earned a masters degree in Higher Education Administration at UMKC and currently works at Donnelly College in Kansas City, KS)

“With so many new employment opportunities in the field of aging, the Gerontology Minor has given me an edge in the marketplace that allows me to find the best opportunities for working with older adults.”

Selina Oneal, Undergraduate Minor, 2014
(Selina is currently in the Gerontology Certificate program at UMKC, and is working at the Department of Aging Services, Mid-America Regional Council)


Dr. Joan McDowd is the advisor for the graduate Gerontology Certificate. Students should contact her at 816-235-2490, to enroll in the program and for advice about which classes to enroll in each term. She will help students arrange a practicum experience, but this process must begin approximately 10-12 weeks ahead of the term in which the practicum will begin.

"The Gerontology Minor has given me an edge in the marketplace that allows me to find the best opportunities for working with older adults."